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Archive for March 1st, 2010


March 1st, 2010 by

Hi, folks!

I just want to post a small summarize about my experiences at FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels. For me as a trainee at the SUSE it was my first linux related europaeen meeting i ever joined, so it was quite amazing. On 5th February we started from Nuremberg at 12 am towards Begium and arrived circa 10 o’clock in the evening. After the check in we started to conquer the nightlife of Brussels which was tougher I expected because of my missing french skills. Unfortunaly, i missed the so popular “beer event” 🙁

On saturday day we attended the FOSDEM which tooks place at the ULB campus. It looked quite unspectular from outside but after we entered the building i had to grind out getting a first overview.  Many people, many stands  – from Amarok over Fedora, Debian and  SUSE to VLC – and a great atmosphere. After the opening talks I joined the Ruby on Rails lectures which were very intressting for me as becoming RoR coder. There was a lecture about Datamapper which was quite new for me as well as working with MongoDB and the “25 good practices in Ruby on Rails development”.

The next day was followed by a lecture about Aptoid, an project for deploying an own app server and the appropriated client app, and a informative talk about Mozilla´s Firefox Mobil (I’am using an Android smartphone so of course I’am curious what the stage of work it is). After some SUSE lectures about building images with KIWI and SUSE Studio the meeting was drawn to a close.  And remember, this was just an extract of +200 lectures!

For me it was a great experience and very informative – for things i already knew and i did not knew- and I’am looking forward to join FOSDEM in 2011!


Opening talk


The openSUSE booth

openSUSE-LXDE development status

March 1st, 2010 by

Ok people… openSUSE 11.3 Milestone2 has been released and quite soon we will have the Milestone3.

So now, after lot’s of promises, what is the status now?


yes… it’s done… openSUSE 11.3 allow now to install LXDE directly from installation DVD or Net install. I’m sure all of you reading this post wants to try it, but for lazy people (and i know there are a lot of them outside), just click here and watch some pictures.

Can that be all? No of course not!

Just today i announced to opensuse-lxde and opensuse-factory mailing lists that we switched finally to pcmanfm2.

Even if that one is not yet stable, and even if it’s still on alpha release stage, it’s already feature rich and stable enoguht for daily usage. Of course bugs exist and you report is welcome, so we can fix them.

But it’s not enough, thanks to sidux lxde community we have a couple of nice tools: lxdm-conf and lxcc.

lxdm-conf as name suggest, it is a simple and powerful tool that helps you to edit lxdm settings without take care to manually edit /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf file. This tool is already into repos.

lxcc instead is a small control center, written using python-gtk. It’s based on an idea of PCLinuxOS Community that wrote lxdecc using gtkdialog. Instead to port original lxdecc to openSUSE we choose to cooperate with Sidux on lxcc simply because gtkdialog looks to be a dead project. Lxcc is not yet into repos, so here a screenshot:


And to finish a very good news. We are working on live cds. Yes, it’s taking looong time, but now we should be able to provide you better ISOs in shorter time since we moved from suse-studio to OBS kiwi system. Preliminary images can be downloaded from here:  X11:lxde (login required).

Most probably, a preliminary image will be published soon for a testing (based on openSUSE 11.2), in the same way, a Factory based live CD should be ready soon. Of course, i can’t forget, all that work on ISOs couldn’t be possible without the Dmitry serpokryl help (The author of SOAD).

I hope you’ll enjoy openSUSE-LXDE experience. So please, test test test and test it again. We have to provide the best LXDE ever!

openSUSE & Google Summer of Code 2010

March 1st, 2010 by

The wonderful Vincent has already sent the initial call for participation, so who’s up for it then?

OK I’ll take it that there are several hands raised in the audience (I reckon I’m being overly cautious, I’m sure there are loads of hands up but as I don’t have my glasses on I can only see the first two rows).  So what do we need from our lovely community to help make GSoC 2010 a success?

* We need some admins for openSUSE in GSoC 2010. This mainly involves making sure that we do everything we need to participate in GSoC; making sure students feel comfortable in the project, and push our contributors a bit to publish ideas and mentor students.  Basically the GoTo contact points.

* We need people to maintain the GSoC 2010 wiki page.  I have already started the GSoC 2010 page on the wiki, yes it is pretty much a  copy/paste of last years but it gets the ball rolling 😉

* We need people to start thinking about ideas that students could work on.  If you have a good idea, why not put it in openFATE and put it on the wiki too (with a link to the openFate entry)?  That way we can utilise the voting feature of openFate and gauge how much the community would appreciate the student’s hard work.

So there’s nothing stopping you from joining in, so get to it! Oh and if you’re looking for a way to contribute to openSUSE but aren’t a coder this is a great way to get your feet wet with the community 🙂