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LXDE: Mission (almost) Accomplished

January 15th, 2010 by

Sorry if i missed to inform you since September but i passed a very bad period, (including a breakage of my hand and with my ex-girlfriend), but now i’m definetly better, so here i am to inform you about some wonderful progress.

first of all:

LXDM has been released

exactly, LXDE Desktop Manager has been released and looks to be fully working 🙂

2nd) Upgrades, upgrades and more upgrades

several new package version has been released, including lxappereance, lxmusic, lxpanel and so on.

3rd)  We are going to fix a small not-portable issue due to X-KDE-SubstituteUID

check bugzilla #540627 for more informations, what you want to know any way, is that we fixed .desktop files to allow to run applications as root even outside GNOME or KDE

4th) Factory, factory, factory

LXDE is into openSUSE_Factory now! yes, that means lxde will be installable on 11.3 from OSS repo, and probably from DVD.  I actually submitted lxde pattern request and yast2 pattern icons are already into yast svn. So people.. PLEASE TEST AND REPORT!!


yes people, we have a new opensuse-lxde mailing list now! Please subscribe to opensuse-lxde@opensuse.org for help, support and development… i’m waiting for you!!

6th) Not official support on openSUSE <= 11.1

That’s not my choice but it’s due to gtk changes, because of that X11:lxde will no more take care of failures on suse <= 11.1. new lxde packages requires gtk2 >= 2.16.0 and backport is impossible (see lxappereance for example).

I think that’s all, if not i’ll write a new blog post, but now i must go to my work or i’ll be fired!!


Andrea (your favourite openSUSE-LXDE admin!)

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2 Responses to “LXDE: Mission (almost) Accomplished”

  1. (including a breakage of my hand and with my ex-girlfriend)

    Sorry to read that 🙁 I bet breaking the hand was worse of these two. One can’t suddenly type, dance, ride a horse, … 🙂

    Glad we (YaSTees) could be of some help with .desktops and icons

    Keep up good work. LXDE is sexy! 🙂

  2. mtelesha

    Thank you for your work. I love LXDE on my older machines and I look forward to the future of LXDE on OpenSUSE.