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Russian openSUSE community

March 30th, 2010 by

Hello everybody,

I want to share some ideas about the success of the Russian openSUSE community, and try to answer the question about its popularity. As you can see it is one of the top places:

The reason for the high popularity of this distribution in Germany is of course the fact that the German SuSE distribution and the main branch of development is located in Nuremberg. Popularity in the U.S. is due Novell – an American company, and of course the language is English. But why are so many people in Russia choosing openSUSE?

Good question. One of the main things that influence the choice of distribution – the quality and localization. The global community plays a top role for quality of distribution and local make it appropriate for Russian language users (of course a local community can be as part of a global community).

Perhaps most important is the documentation. And of course, not everyone wants (or can) read the documentation in English. Everyone wants to read the documentation in their native language. The distribution may be in a good shape and stable, nice and convenient, but without documentation it will use very few. Translated documentation is very important to the community. The translation must have a high quality, understandable, and as it must be kept up to date.

For the community its also profitable that 2 guys from the community working for Novell (in Nuremberg and in Prague). This provides better communication between “developers – community”. It helps to be closer to the project. This allows you to always be aware of all the major news of the project. And of course the translation is much better if they are engaged not just as a translator, but the employee who works on the distribution.

Of course this also applys for software. Although it is not as important as documentation, it still makes an impression on the quality of distribution. Everyone wants to work with the software in their native language %)

A successful community is a group of people who love openSUSE, who understands why the software should be free, who wants to make openSUSE better and better… every day.

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5 Responses to “Russian openSUSE community”

  1. yeah, bro!
    It’s community! 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Good luck for openSUSE popularity @ Russia. I’ve checked Google Trend (http://google.com/trends?q=opensuse) and found that Russia is one of top country where openSUSE are a popular distro (based on search popularity).

    According to download counting on d.o.o, Indonesia will not be counting on the statistics because almost all of us download the iso or updating the package by using local mirror in Indonesia, although d.o.o has a redirect feature to the nearest mirror.

  3. Well, I am from India but have been living in Moscow for ages, and openSUSE is my Primary OS for past 6-7 years now and I always ask friends to give it a try (or the Ubuntu) … so there is 0.1% of another reason why RU is on top of there.

  4. Orlusha

    Hope after fixing performance issues the community will grow faster. 20% back from Mandiva and Ubuntu on a simple client/server test is a catastrophe, really.

  5. Awesome, glad to be part of it.