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Annuncing KIWI-LTSP package updates

March 31st, 2010 by

Hello Community

openSUSE packages are updated to use the latest LTSP. Here are the highlights of this release:

* LTSP 5.2.1
* LDM 2.1.1
* LTSPFS 0.6.0
* kiwi-ltsp-prebuilt 0.8.2
* kiwi-ltsp-bootimage 0.8.2

Follow the Quick Start guide here: http://en.opensuse.org/LTSP

Give it a test and let me know your feedbacks.

On the side note,  jury verdict in the Novell vs SCO Group trial, Novell wins. Good news for Novell, for Linux and for OSS

Have a lot of fun…

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