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Announce: openSUSE Beego

April 1st, 2010 by

the openSUSE distribution is the perfect base for specialized projects focusing on a certain area of application. Today, I am happy to announce the start of the openSUSE Beego project and ask you to join in and help to bring it to a success, because we rely on your support and enthusiasm.

What is openSUSE Beego about? Beego is the perfect customized linux distribution for beekeepers who want to manage their bees on a by today never unreached level. With openSUSE Beego we focus on key features like KHive, the management software for the beeyard, the bluetooth based Weightwatch to monitor the hive weigt and of course GHoney, which takes its users to a new level of honey blending by the latest Computer Aided Honey Blending Technology (CAHBT). The latest release of Queen on Rails, a web based bee queen marking and scheduling software is preinstalled and -configured.

All that relies on a perfectly customized kernel to meet the tough requirements of beekeeping. With solid real time capabilities the Beego kernel is able to process all incoming bees at the hives gate for up to 25,000 bee colonies, which is an outstanding high volume no other system ever reached. Both nectar and pollen of each incoming bee are measured and stored into MyBeeSQL, a tuned MySQL variant. Moreover the kernel needed a huge sting proof patch to give it the needed robustness. We could convince a well known openSUSE kernel developer to work on it, discussions on the kernel lists are ongoing under the subject “Sting Proof Patch”.

This project has a bright future for both openSUSE and the world of beekeeping. Again I like to ask for your help and contribution. Please spread the word, join our mailinglists, test and use openSUSE Beego.

That will make the honey even sweeter this year 🙂

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5 Responses to “Announce: openSUSE Beego”

  1. Rasmus Plewe

    On what hardware and with which version of the count_bee patch did you achive the processing of 25,000 bee colonies? When I was testing count_bee version 0.8-4 I was only able to process approx. 11,000 colonies (since I only have 200 colonies, I used their beehavior to do some upscale simulation) on rather standard PC hardware. Did you do any additional tuning?

    I also noted an instability in the sting proof patch in the presence of hornets. According to kernel developer A. Piarist a patch is currently under development and will be ready for testing after easter.

  2. Riccardo Pasquini


  3. Petru Avram

    Didn’t this happened like a month ago.

    I kid, i kid, though for a second I felt for it because names this days in the FOSS world are so wild.

  4. Welcome to April mop. Actually, Beego in Indonesian word means “Silly”, 😛 ,

  5. Federico Lucifredi (F2)

    Does it run on Nehalem? I can see how analysts would be all over it 😉