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October 23rd, 2010 by

Before and during the openSUSE conference, some nice people (Jens-Daniel, J├╝rgen, Darix) created the following site for you:

http://rtfm.opensuse.org http://doc.opensuse.org

Thank you guys! I like the thrilling name. ­čśë

It’s a static page (at the moment?) and collects the current documentation from several products and projects. Probably you will see more to come in the next weeks.

Have fun!

Update (AJ since Thomas is ill) 2010-10-27: Based on the feedback received, we’re going to┬á change now rtfm.opensuse.org to docs.opensuse.org. So, you can reach the fine side under http://docs.opensuse.org and http://doc.opensuse.org.

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11 Responses to “RTFM!”

  1. cb400f

    Isn’t this an unfortunate duplication of the documentation portal on the wiki?


    • Depends on how you see it. The Portal:Documentation link doesn’t hold the documentation itself. It’s just a collection of links pointing to other resources.

      • Andreas Jaeger

        At least the Portal:Documentation should point to rtfm.o.o.
        Also, let’s check which other places can point to rtfm.o.o.

        Otherwise: Great to have all of this together!

  2. adosztal

    Your link is pointing to hxxp://

  3. Is it possible to add link for translated pages?

  4. John Berger

    In my humble opinion as a simple user of Opensuse, with no programming skills
    or, anything like that, the RTFM page looks and reads fantastic! A ‘Well done!’
    to those involved! Very well written!

    There is one glitch though, at least as I see it – images on the pages. They’re
    so large that as a dial-up user the pages are almost useless unless I have all
    day to wait for each page to load completely.

    Simple fix to this – compress the images before they’re put up on the server.
    One example, I did a ‘save as’ on one of the png’s on the first page of the
    RTFM. 753kb! I did a simple right-click on it in konqueror file manager went to
    kim compress and resize, and compressed the png at 60%. Ta-da! The pic now is
    only 120kb in size and looks exactly the same (to the naked eye).

    We cannot forget that there are still an awful lot of people on dial-up for who
    knows how many reasons, none of which are our business to ask why. If we just
    use a lame excuse like ‘oh, but lots of people are on dsl’ or whatever…so
    what!? It’s still better for everyone if there’s simply less ‘size’ using up
    space! Besides…any excuse for *NOT* doing something as simple as compressing a
    file before using it, makes us just as bad as the Windows users back in the
    days we L/UNIX users used to bash the Windows users for such bloated software
    and incompetence in the same areas.

  5. This needs to be disbanded now. I understand how decisions like these seem amusing and harmless at first, and are easy to set up. Unfortunately I do not think this was thought through at all.

    I have filed the following bug that outlines my reasoning behind this:

  6. Juergen Weigert

    We’ll bid farewell to the bad name, keep doc.o.o and docs.o.o as aliases. But we wont disband the contents.

    I had no intend to convey any negative message with the naming. I appreciated having a non-standard name, to make it more distinct e.g. in google. I learn and see that it appears to be quite loaded, though.

  7. Bernhard Walle

    Something like http://manpages.ubuntu.com/ would be nice to have, too. It’s quite handy if you need the manpage of a program in a specific SUSE version which you even don’t have installed…