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Merging SVN Repositories Explained

October 30th, 2010 by

Adding files to a SVN server is usually a task done in seconds. However, having several independent SVN repositories and wanting to “combine” them, this is not trivial—especially if you want to preserve the history.

The doc team had had three different, independent repositories on BerliOS (opensuse-ha-doc, opensuse-docmaker, and opensuse-lfl) all holding separate information. This was a bit silly, so my task was to consolidate them into opensuse-doc by keeping all history.



October 23rd, 2010 by

Before and during the openSUSE conference, some nice people (Jens-Daniel, Jürgen, Darix) created the following site for you:

http://rtfm.opensuse.org http://doc.opensuse.org

Thank you guys! I like the thrilling name. 😉

It’s a static page (at the moment?) and collects the current documentation from several products and projects. Probably you will see more to come in the next weeks.

Have fun!

Update (AJ since Thomas is ill) 2010-10-27: Based on the feedback received, we’re going to  change now rtfm.opensuse.org to docs.opensuse.org. So, you can reach the fine side under http://docs.opensuse.org and http://doc.opensuse.org.

openSUSE Wiki Changes

December 19th, 2009 by

There was a lot of dicussion in the openSUSE project about the project wiki which was suffering from something all successful projects in some point of time experience: There is a huge amount of documentation in the Wiki, however it seems a bit unstructured, sometimes outdated or not really maintained.

The brave openSUSE wiki team stepped up to change that. The decision is to set up a new wiki with a well selected set of extensions and now the content of the old wiki is going to be transfered to the new wiki. Of course there will be a rigorous quality check of the articles, as well as a new thought through structure. The goal of this huge amount of work is to provide a outstanding good and well consumable source of information for all people in and interested in the openSUSE project. That is a high goal and I admire the energy and dedication of the wiki team.

The new wiki is now in place. So if you also want to help, either with the motivation of a developer telling how things work, or from the upstream perspective using the openSUSE vehicle to push the project or simply because you want to help openSUSE to become even better, first read the Transition Guidelines and subscribe on the wiki mailinglist, since most of the coordination happens there.
There is also a Forum Thread going on around that.

Please help to make this a success – thanks 🙂

The Value of (Good) Documentation

January 16th, 2009 by

Maybe you know this situation: You find an interesting software that is worth to play. After you’ve installed it there are two possibilities: either the software is (a) very easy and self-explanatory, or (b) it is very complex.

As most software fall into category (b), one way to get used to it is you can play around and discover it by yourself. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. In case you need help, you can either ask a programmer, or write a post to a mailinglist or forum. But when you need an answer for your question now what else remains? Right! You need documentation!
And with documentation, I mean good documentation. Not something with “Documentation? Use the source!”