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Archive for November 9th, 2010

/me is leaving

November 9th, 2010 by


after 7 years with SUSE and Novell I’ve chosen to change something in my life – and decided to accept a new job and will lay down my duties in the openSUSE project. I’ve been with the openSUSE project already prior to its launch in August 2005 and experienced a number of highs and lows. Overall the project  has been shaping up nicely, we reached a lot of our goals and the just passed openSUSE conference reflects this pretty well in my opinion.

Just to stop any rumours – I leave Novell because I found a new job in the trade show management area close to Nuremberg. Trade show management is where my expertise is and where I worked prior to coming to openSUSE. While I enjoyed the work at openSUSE, organizing the openSUSE conference meant doing what I really love and my new job will give me many more conferences and trade shows to plan and organise.  As I will leave Novell before the end of December the project needs a new openSUSE chairman who should serve until the openSUSE foundation is created.

Best wishes to the openSUSE project and the people behind it. I had a lot of fun over the past 7 years, met numerous outstanding people and learned a lot which will help me in my future life.


10 obscure Linux office applications

November 9th, 2010 by

Last night I was trying to beauty up my Kraft Homepage a bit and while doing that I realised that half of the allowed transfer volume that is coming with the cheap hosting contract is already eaten up for November. Investigating how that could have happened I found out that Kraft was mentioned in a very nice blog called 10 obscure Linux office applications you need to try. It introduces some interesting apps out of the whole mass of all FOSS apps in that specific area. Kraft is mentioned there, which is of course nice, the author seems to like Kraft. I am, however, not really sure why the word obscure is in the headline of the blog, do you know 😉 ?

But the other nine applications are also really interesting, such as goldendict, which combines multiple dictionaries on the desktop or TOra which is a cool database GUI. We do not have them in Factory nor

The next openSUSE release 11.4 is slowly but surely coming up and I think it makes sense to add cool software now. Maybe the listed apps in the blog are ideas to spice up our distro a bit with good software? I volunteer to take care of Kraft 😉