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Virtual launch party for openSUSE 11.4 : RC1 is done

February 14th, 2011 by

Successfull RC1 launch!

Dear followers, after the official announcement, we test yesterday the place, and check how fun and cool it can be with several attendees.

The danse party Pop/Rock music themed was animated by DJ Yazz (Brittany Haefeli). Starting at 8:30 CEST the party was crowded during it’s 2 hours and a half. More than 50 people came and visit us during that time. Great that was twice what we expected !



The full album of pictures is there. Even if none of those picture can really describe a 3D world in movement, missing the sound too 😀

Summary result

We are globally very satisfied after 2 months of work. The place rocks ! All the animations works, and no special lag was noticed.
As you see, our promotionnal t-shirt works 🙂
To be done before the launch :
– Videos of running 11.4 to be integrated on plasma screen
– Setup links to Marketing material (after the Marketing HackFest in LA)
– Make a geeko pluch goodie [*]


Schedule for the next weeks

Time to pick your avatar, run in secondlife.com, search geekos group and join it!
We really hope to see you there !


[*] We are looking for a designer able to build in Blender a 3D collada Geeko ? That kind of pluch would be a must if we can distribute them to attendees. If you are that person, just contact us !

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3 Responses to “Virtual launch party for openSUSE 11.4 : RC1 is done”

  1. Genius! Congratulations my friends 😉

  2. Awesome. Glad that you guys had a good time and that the crowd came out to support you.