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[gsoc] osc2 client – summary of week 1 and 2

June 4th, 2012 by


first of all I’m happy that I was accepted for GSoC again. The goal of this year’s project is to enhance
the existing osc2 library which was developed during last GSoC. Additionally I’m going to work on a new osc2 client. For the details have a look at the proposal (or just ask:) ).
Here’s a small summary of the first and second (coding) week. Unfortunately I was a bit busy with university (as usual…) and I just implemented the missing code for the “Request” class. Now it is possible to accept, decline etc. reviews and requests. Example

req = Request.find('123')
req.accept(comment='looks good')
# or accept the second review
req = Request.find('42')
review = req.review[1]
req.accept(comment='ok', review=review)

As usual the test driven development approach is used which worked quite good in the last year.
Todo for this week:

  • add a build module to the osc2 library which can be used to build a package (basically a wrapper around the “build” script)

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