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KDE3 gets Udisks2 backend

June 2nd, 2012 by

Thanks to exceptional work by Serghei Amelian KDE3 has recently gained an Udisks2 backend (earlier than KDE4 did btw!). The Udisks2 backend is capable of operation autonomously or in conjunction with udisks-glue. Unfortunately the autonomous operation is still not perfect and requires altered polkit rules.

System storage

To switch the Udisks2 backend on and off, go to Peripherals->Storage Media->Advanced in KDE control center.

Switching Udisks2 backend on and off

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2 Responses to “KDE3 gets Udisks2 backend”

  1. John

    Oh, you mean Trinity? Because no-one is working on or shipping KDE3 any more. Please do not confuse the two,the Trinity project has no rights to use the KDE name, nor do they do so.

    • Anonymous

      > Oh, you mean Trinity?

      Not of course. Trinity has not udisks2 backend.