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[gsoc] osc2 client – summary of week 6

July 3rd, 2012 by


here’s a small summary of the 6th (coding) week. Last week I
continued working on the build module and developed a concept
for the package fetcher (and discussed some parts
with darix:) ).
The main idea is to modularize the fetcher code, verify code etc.
Thus we have a fetcher class which takes care of retrieving the
packages. The fetcher class utilizes a “cache manager” which takes
care of storing the fetched packages on the filesystem. The goal is
that at some point in time one can exchange the “simple” cache manager
with a more “clever” cache manager (which for instance cleans up the
cache from time to time or only allows exactly one version of a
package in the cache etc.). In order to achieve this no code in the
fetcher has to be touched – instead it’s sufficient to pass a different
cache manager object to the fetcher.
Additionally the fetcher provides some hooks like pre, pre_fetch,
post_fetch and post. For instance a post_fetch hook can be used to
verify the just fetched package etc.

– write testcases and implement the concept from above

If you have questions, suggestions etc. feel free to contact me:)


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