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openSUSE on phones/tablets

February 20th, 2013 by

Thanks to the fantastic work by openSUSE Arm team, you can get full desktop on your armv7l powered phone or tablet(any recent dual core devices should work), without the need for repartition, formats, bootloader hacks or sacrificing your nicely running latest android on it. What you need is rooted device with busybox, Android VNC and terminal app installed and 4GB free space on sdcard(internal or external).

1. Download opensuse-arm-xfce-chroot.tar.xz
2. Extract the .xz file and place the 2 resulting files on your device’s sdcard.
3. Open your favourite terminal app (or ssh into the device if you have dropbear ssh app installed), cd /to/sdcard/where/opensuse*.img/is/ && sh opensuse.sh start
4. Once the openSUSE starts you are chrooted inside the image in the terminal, for GUI start Android VNC and connect to localhost:1 (port 5901) or from remote machine IPofdevice:1. Password is “opensuse”. Change it to something else by running vncpasswd and passwd in desktop terminal, also change the root password by running passwd in chroot terminal where you ran “sh opensuse.sh start”.

After exiting the chroot terminal, openSUSE services will be stopped, no changes to your android system is made.

Have a lot of fun…

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