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Call for Contribution: OpenSUSE Weekly News

June 19th, 2009 by

Since 77 Issues the Weekly News Team published the News. The News are translated to many Languages. But why i made an Call for Contribution?
If we check Planetsuse or Lizards, we can see, that mostly the Blogger are the same. Our Goal as Weekly News Team is it, to make our Publication interesting. So we need more Blogger. If you have an own Blog, we would like to motivate you, to blog. You can write about interesting Features or Tips and Tricks, or new things, you have learned. You can tell us, what you like at the Project, or what you doesn’t like. You can give Proposals or other Stuff. We need you as Author.

Then i’d like to go to the next Point: Feedback.
Sebastian one of our Teammates has created an Poll with the Question: “How are the Weekly News”? You can find it there: http://forums.opensuse.org/surveys-polls/416228-how-opensuse-news.html. Please let us know, how are the Weekly News in YOUR View. Please use also the Comment-Function for leave a Feedback. You can also use an Mail to: saigkill@opensuse.org.

If you are can’t Blog, so you can send us interesting Blogs or Posts, that you’ve found. Only through your Contribution we can make the Weekly News better and more interesting.

We want you!!!

Vote good posts

January 7th, 2009 by

Hello Folks,

today i haved an idea. If we Bloggers on lizard post an Article, and you like it, then make an vote in the head of the Article (vote with stars).

This had two effects:

1.) The Author see, that the Readers like his post.

2.) The Author can see, what are interesting for the readers. Than he can write articles, what you are interesting for.

Happy votig 🙂