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How many Lizards does it takes…

September 26th, 2008 by

… to change a flat tire?

The answer: 3

It’s been a while since the 3 oS Members from Nicaragua were planning to take a picture together, but for time, job and other complications we have been unable to do it.

But yesterday, caused perhaps for a bug in our kernels, the 3 of us gathered together outside Alex’s ex-office, after retrieving some promotional material from Novell at Alex’s place.

We started to talk about one of the Projects for Nicaragua and forgot completely about the picture. Moments laters and got into my car and DANG!, noticed the flat tire. Alex and Decks came and helped me to empty my car’s trunk when I noticed my camera. A bell rang inside my head and CLICK! A picture came out.

Decks, UngaMan and Alex, changing a flat tire in Nicaragua

Not exactly the situation and posse we were thinking about… but it worked. :p

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One Response to “How many Lizards does it takes…”

    that’s my car in the back !

    All Nicaragua knows it as the GECKO ! =D

    Nice pic =D