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FLISOL 2010 in Nicaragua

March 10th, 2010 by

The folks of the openSUSE Community in Nicaragua, are preparing a great event in the city of Granada, Nicaragua, in Central America.

After some considerations and discussion within the Nicaraguan LUGs Community, SUSE-Ni was appointed to carry on with the FLISOL event on April 24th.


openSUSE Half-Day @ UNAN, June 12

May 26th, 2009 by
Incoming event @ Nicaragua

Incoming event @ Nicaragua

OpenSUSE Nicaragua @ FLISOL 2009

April 27th, 2009 by

On Saturday April 25th, the Nicaraguan OpenSUSE Community joined forces with the Free Software Community (GUL-Nic) to celebrate the Latin American Free Software Installation Festival, (FLISOL in Spanish).


My wife Sonia and me, plus Agustin Chavarria and another SuSE fan!

The Festival took place at the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria Campus (UNI-IES), reaching more than 300 visitors.


How many Lizards does it takes…

September 26th, 2008 by

… to change a flat tire?

The answer: 3