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Build maemo-apps with openSUSE BuildService ? – It works !

January 27th, 2009 by

build serviceThe openSUSE Build Service is an open and complete distribution development platform. It’s the infrastructure for a development of the openSUSE distributions. But this powerful tool can do much more! The upcoming version 1.5 will also have cross-build support and thus be able to build e.g. ARM packages on x86 hardware .

maemo.org loko Maemo is the platform for mobile devices like the N810 and has been developed by Nokia in collaboration with many open source projects such as the Linux kernel, GNOME and many more.

Today I succeeded in building a package of csync (the new file-sync tool) for maemo/diablo inside a local instance of the openSUSE Build Service using the cross-build and download-on-demand support. To make this happen, I imported the diablo/sdk repository from repository.maemo.org as download-on-demand target.

top qemu-arm

Then I had to write the project configuration (osc prjconf) and add some missing pieces.

top running qemu-user/arm

In the end, I was able to build iniparser, samba and cmake as dependencies of csync. Last step was csync itself. The packages are available here …

Use: deb http://www.csync.org/maemo/diablo/n810 ./ as source for apt.

More information about the cross-build support can be found on this page and here on lizards.opensuse.org [1], [2] .
There will be a talk about cross-build and download-on-demand at FOSDEM 2009.

OBS rocks !

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3 Responses to “Build maemo-apps with openSUSE BuildService ? – It works !”

  1. Martin Mohring

    I think an official Maemo repository to build against is then also on the wishlist for the public OBS.
    In the biginning, a i586 version would already help to bring up things, until we have arm available on the public OBS.

  2. John Moore

    I am tying to build csync and pam_csync for Linux Roaming Profiles against a SMB server. Do you have a RPM of this? I have had no success in building this application, and its much needed.