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Archive for September 5th, 2011

fsck.ocfs2: I/O error on channel while performing pass 1

September 5th, 2011 by

When running fsck.ocfs2 if you get an error like below, turn off feature metaecc and run it again.

fsck -f -y /dev/drbd0
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2
fsck.ocfs2 1.4.3
Checking OCFS2 filesystem in /dev/drbd0:
Label: vmimages
UUID: B5A45669962C4E40AE9FB2BF16184981
Number of blocks: 157281328
Block size: 4096
Number of clusters: 19660166
Cluster size: 32768
Number of slots: 4

/dev/drbd0 was run with -f, check forced.
Pass 0a: Checking cluster allocation chains
Pass 0b: Checking inode allocation chains
Pass 0c: Checking extent block allocation chains
Pass 1: Checking inodes and blocks.
extent.c: I/O error on channel reading extent block at 112162 in owner 516113 for verification
pass1: I/O error on channel while iterating over the blocks for inode 516113
fsck.ocfs2: I/O error on channel while performing pass 1

#disable metaecc (man tunefs.ocfs2 for more)
tunefs.ocfs2 --fs-features=nometaecc /dev/drbd0

#run fsck again
fsck -f -y /dev/drbd0

to re-enable it after completing fsck, run:
tunefs.ocfs2 --fs-features=metaecc /dev/drbd0