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Winter outside? Summer inside! Keep Geeko’s head warm!

January 22nd, 2012 by


If you live in the North hemisphere as I do, it’s winter time actually: cold temperature, freezing wind, snow … and 20 years older than your twenties, then you want to keep your head warm.
So the mission was : “what can I design (in other words : what crazy new idea can I have?) funky to wear, well fitting with the car design, and the rest of a geek’s wardrobe?
A beanie sounds perfect!

keep geeko's head warm


Something simple, quickly available, uni-geek-sex, nice etc. So 10 days ago, I’ve done my shopping with my favorite partner, and agree on a model, then checked cost and delivery time.
Here’s the picture, of how it should look.

I hope you will love it, and fight to get one for you?

Where When can I grab one?

There will be a small series (99) available on openSUSE’s booth during Fosdem (4-5 Feb) in Brussels. I will sold them 10€/piece, and half the money will goes to Fosdem organization. The rest cover the pre-serie cost.

My advice, don’t be in late! 😀

How to build your own?

If you can’t attempt Fosdem, or can’t have one, you can easily start your own local production. I’ve choose the Myrtle Beach (MB 7584) white/lime,a Beanie with contrasting border, 100% polyacryl. They should be available in any clothes advertising shop. Then the logo is printed on it, better to have it embroidered but this is more expensive.

Have fun!

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