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Automatic Import Calendar news.opensuse.org > KOrganizer

January 24th, 2009 by

I’m very happy. Regularly i’m checkin the Calendar from news.opensuse.org for my work in OpenSUSE Weekly News. It is possible to Download the actual Calendar as *.ics File. But as i understand this, this is a Snapshot. The Calendar not updated himself regularly. So i tried this:

First of all we go to the KOrganizer. Click on the green Cross, left from the Calendararea. Add Calendar. Then we find an Menu similar this:

List of Resources

Then we klicking on “Filecalendar from Remote Computer” (I had translated this on the fly, i’m not shure, that it called so in english). After them we see the next Field:


In this Field i edited :”http://news.opensuse.org/?ec3_ical”. I choosed regularly updating, but no Saving on the Remote Computer.

Now we have the Community Entrys in our Calendar. We see:


If i have understood all right, we have an automatic Calendar. Have fun…