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Linking Buildservice packages with exact revisions

February 6th, 2009 by

During the “cleanup” of the HP-Education repository, I used a very interesting feature of the openSUSE Build Service: linking against revisions.

Sometimes, you want to patch a package from another repository to build with special features enabled or disabled. The Build Service allows you to link the package from this other repository (and avoid wasting space by duplicating the sources) and add your patches.

Now think about a patch against a special version of a package – and you know that you don’t want a package with a newer version in your repository for a foreseeable time. But if you use the plain link command of the Build Service, the linked package in your repository will get updated if the original package in the original project is updated.

Luckily, the buildservice allows you to link against a “frozen” state of a package: it’s source-revision. People already knowing any revision control systems like Subversion also know that the revision of a source is increased each time, a new change is submitted. And that’s what we need now: link against a special revision of the package from the other repository and apply our patch against it. The webclient currently doesn’t support such special features, but with osc it’s very easy.

Build maemo-apps with openSUSE BuildService ? – It works !

January 27th, 2009 by

build serviceThe openSUSE Build Service is an open and complete distribution development platform. It’s the infrastructure for a development of the openSUSE distributions. But this powerful tool can do much more! The upcoming version 1.5 will also have cross-build support and thus be able to build e.g. ARM packages on x86 hardware .

maemo.org loko Maemo is the platform for mobile devices like the N810 and has been developed by Nokia in collaboration with many open source projects such as the Linux kernel, GNOME and many more. (more…)

Saschas Backtrace: Yabsc for Builder

December 1st, 2008 by

Today i tried out the Program called: yabsc. With http://software.opensuse.org/search?q=yabsc you can install the Program with one Klick. After the Installation the Program read the hints in the “.osc” Directory, and uses your Identity and Password for Checkin to Build Service API.

After the Program-Launch you see a Image like this:

yabsc1 Main Menue

On the left side you can see the Projects on your Watchlist. In the Center you see the Packages from the selected Project or Subproject. You can see the Buildlogs and Commitlogs directly.

On the second Tab “Workers”, you can see a image like this:


Here you can see the “actual” Status in the openSUSE Buildservice. In this tab you can follow the Buildlog on the fly.  This is an very good thing 🙂

The third tab, labeld as “submit requests”, you can see your Requests. But for this Function i haven’t an image, so i haven’t actually submit requests.

Now i can say, this is an very good, and very short Programm. Try it out!